Can’t ski or snowboard? You need to try a SNO-GO

A group of North American winter sports enthusiasts realised skiing is hard, so teamed up to design an easier method to slide down a mountain side. (image credit: SNO-GO)
Combining the ease of riding a bike with the thrill of speeding down a mountainside, the innovative contraption takes less than an hour to master. (image credit: SNO-GO)
The set-up has been engineered to allow the rear skis to articulate like a perfect parallel skier. Lean left to turn left, and right to turn right. Easy. (image credit: SNO-GO)
The 2022 bikes are now lighter than ever, with 8lbs (3.5kg) saved over the previous model thanks to the use of carbon fibre. (image credit: SNO-GO)
The alternative winter sport has caught on at some of the biggest ski resorts in the US, with the likes of the Vail and Boyne Resorts championing the bikes. (image credit: SNO-GO)
SNO-GO bikes are equipped with a patented Chairlift Hook that allows for swift and easy boarding. (image credit: SNO-GO)
The company also now offers a set of powder-specific skis for hitting the back country. The 2022 bikes costs $2,299, while additional skis cost $449.99. (image credit: SNO-GO)