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(The Gear Loop) - High-performance-turned-high-fashion brand Canada Goose has announced details of a new capsule collection that it says looks towards a more sustainable future with several new jackets that are fashioned from recycled materials.

The HUMANATURE Capsule, as it is called, consists of both men’s and women’s overcoats and puffer jackets, all of which are created using Recycled Feather-Light Ripstop, a recycled version of the brand’s proprietary fabric. 

Made of 100 per cent recycled nylon, Canada Goose claims that this greener version of its much-lauded outer fabric still retains the same high performance durability, lightweight and water repellant qualities.

The Toronto-based brand might have switched its focus to luxury lifestyle apparel in recent years, but its history is still firmly rooted in high-performance clothing that has been used on numerous Arctic expeditions and adventures. 

HUMANATURE might be better suited to the bouji apres ski bars of Kitzbühel, but the 100 per cent responsibly sourced down-filled puffer jackets and waterproof overcoats are still designed to perform in adverse weather.

And what about the colour? Well, the natural monochromatic un-dyed "Griege" colourway used throughout is a deliberate decision, as the brand has essentially eliminated the chemicals and water that are required within the dyeing process. Less is more, and all that.

According to the brand, it is committed to transitioning 90 per cent of its materials to Preferred Fibres and Materials (PFMs), such as  recycled and organic textile alternatives, as well as becoming fully carbon neutral by 2025.

Green-washing? We will let you be the judge of that, but there’s no denying that becoming more environmentally conscious isn’t cheap for the consumer. The four new styles - the Rhya Overcoat (£1,895/$2,195), Kiefer Puffer (£1,495/$1,695), Ryker Overcoat (£1,895/$2,195) and Nairo Puffer (£1,495/$1,695) - will go on sale on January 10, 2022 in select Canada Goose stores globally and online

Writing by Leon Poultney.