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(The Gear Loop) - Although the thought of hitting the slopes is playing on a lot of winter sports enthusiast’s minds right now, there is a dedicated set of snow fiends that have a thirst of adventure, taking their skiing or snowboarding beyond the boundary lines.

Ski touring is essentially the act of getting out into the wilderness, trekking through the back country and venturing off piste to find untouched powder and space to traverse the slopes away from the crowds.

The North FaceThe North Face Ski Touring collection photo 2

This does mean that those seeking solitude have to put the work in, often with several hours of trekking involved to get to the perfect conditions. Good news! The North Face has just announced a range of clothing for these hardy folk.

According to The North Face, the kit is designed to support those big day missions, from dawn patrol to last-light descents. 

The North FaceThe North Face Ski Touring collection photo 9

Comprising hoodies, pants, gloves, insulated down jackets and backpacks, the Speed Tour range features Ventrix stretch insulation technology that adapts to movements during cold-weather adventures.

According to its maker, the lightweight fabrics breathe when skiers are on the move, but crucially insulates when the pace drops. This is thanks to tiny laser-cut perforations that open with movement, but then lock when resting, allowing excess heat and perspiration to escape on the up-hill and preventing wearers from feeling the chill on the down-hill.

The North FaceThe North Face Ski Touring collection photo 12

The new Ski Touring Collection is available to buy now on the website and in select The North Face stores.

Writing by Leon Poultney.