The Gear Loop goes Ice Floating… and it’s as weird as it sounds

Of all the activities you might contemplate doing at a ski resort, lying on your back in the icy waters of a frozen lake might not be one of them. (image credit: Abigail Butcher)
The health benefits of float therapy are well documented , according to numerous research papers, floating can help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. (image credit: Abigail Butcher)
The French ski resort of Val d’Isère is the latest spot in which to try floating with ice. (image credit: Abigail Butcher)
Val d’Isère’s Lac d’Oiullette sits at 2500m near the bottom of the Madeleine slope, just over the summit of Solaise, an easy gondola ride up from resort. (image credit: Abigail Butcher)
A large hole of around 5m2 has been carved into the middle of the lake (away from pistes and lifts and noise) by "ski and adventure school" Evolution 2. (image credit: Abigail Butcher)
"The floating itself was relaxing but the paddling across the lake with a friend was a good precursor… we looked and felt hilarious in our get-up" (image credit: Abigail Butcher)
"Slipping into the frozen water took a little courage, but I quickly realised the suit would do its job and support me and I immediately relaxed onto my back" (image credit: Val d’Isère Tourisme/Yann Allègre)
I soon noticed a post-float "glow" descend over me - and it wasn’t just the giggling. I felt lighter and more relaxed. (image credit: Val d’Isère Tourisme/Yann Allègre)