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(The Gear Loop) - It’s not too late, you can still do your best impression of Santa and get that winter sports enthusiast in your life something that they’ll be happy to unwrap on the big day.

Whether it's great value stocking fillers or big budget blow-outs, there's a piece of kit that's sure to put a smile on the face of your piste-shredding pal.


We’ve collated a list of gifts that cover a variety of budgets, all of which have been selected for their ability to please any mountain-lover.

Because let’s face it, ski and snowboard trips are looking a little perilous at the moment, so any taste of the mountains is sure to raise a smile.

AlohaPerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 1

Aloha 65


Aloha 65 is an alcoholic spirit designed with après ski sessions in mind. A delicious blend of lemon, ginger, pineapple and scotch-bonnet chillies (sounds odd but it works, trust us) with an ABV of 27 per cent, it’s an easy-drinking winter warmer which is truly deserving of a spot in your boot bag.

Our advice? Drink it neat or add bourbon and bitters and use it to make an old fashioned. 

WestonPerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 3

Weston Backwoods Artist Series 2022 Splitboard

There’s a growing army of snowboard collectors who purchase snowboards not to ride, but to hang on their walls.

We’re not entirely convinced about the point of this approach, but we’ve got the next best thing - a gift-worthy board that looks absolutely spectacular, but is also a brilliant ride.

As a splitboard, it’s ideal for fans of the backcountry, but it’s a piece of gear that will look just as fantastic when not in use, thanks to Weston’s collaboration with Colorado-based artist John Fellows.

For every board sold, Weston will plant 10 trees. See? It really is the gift which keeps on giving.

The board costs £637.23 and is avaialble from Blue Tomato.

BuffPerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 2

EcoStretch Buffs Originals


There is nothing worse than a cold neck, which is why we’ve always been huge fans of Buff. These multipurpose miracle products - made from Polyester microfibre obtained from clear plastic recycled bottles - have a gorgeous mountain-inspired design, plenty of stretch and a UPF 50 certified sun protection level.

The best bit? Your two buffs come in a beautiful gift box with a special two-pack, making them ideal if your gift-wrapping skills are sadly lacking. 

BurtonPerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 4

Burton Insulated Wine Cup

So much more stylish than a hip flask (and much lighter, too, Burton’s insulated wine cup will keep favourite tipples wonderfully chilled, whether the recipient is swigging Sauvignon Blanc from a slope-side picnic area or using it at home.

We also loved the sealed top, which creates a brilliantly tight seal and has a gulp-friendly drinking hole.

The cup costs £23 and is avaialbe to buy directly from Burton Snowboards.

Maison MargielaPerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 5

Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace Eau de Toilette


It might be a little harder for your loved ones to make it to their favourite ski resort chalet this year, but at least they can smell like one - more specifically, a Chamonix chalet heated by a chestnut-scented fire, circa 1971.

This is the (very precise) setting that inspired this gorgeous unisex fragrance, designed to evoke not only the cosiness of an alpine chalet but the crisp, frosty air of the French Alps, courtesy of the zesty opener of pink pepper.

But it’s the fragrance’s heart notes that set this apart - a wonderful hit of chestnut-infused smokiness paired with rich vanilla notes. Who knew the 1970s smelled so good?

OneWheelPerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 9

OneWheel Pint Electric Skateboard

Got a bit of cash to splash? Consider treating your nearest and dearest to a OneWheel Pint Electric Skateboard.

Powered by a 750W motor and fitted with a chunky 10.5-inch tyre, the OneWheel Pint has a top speed of 26km/h and is incredibly easy to use - riders simply lean back to slow down or stop and lean forward to accelerate.

The best bit? It can be customised with fenders, bumpers, lights and rails. Perfect for brushing up those snowboarding skills while international travel is tricky.

The PintX costs £1,020 and is available from Ride and Glide.

Marvin’s MagicPerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 6

Marvin’s Magic Snow


Full disclosure: this won’t create enough snow to turn that nearby hill into a piste worthy of the Alpine Ski World Cup, but it will provide the recipient with just enough of the white stuff to (hopefully) satisfy their penchant for powder until they can get to the real thing.

Add water to Marvin’s Magic Snow and it will expand to 100 times its size, without any of the downsides of the traditional stuff, like freezing temperatures, or suspicious patches of yellow.

We recommend using it to give nativity scenes an alpine makeover, or sprinkling it over wreaths, Christmas trees and stockings.

Maps InternationalPerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 7

Scratch Off Alpine Skiing Print


Give your loved ones the chance to scratch off the places they will (or won’t, but hey, we’re trying to stay positive) go this winter with this brilliant take on the traditional scratch-off world map.

The map features 112 ski resorts, with details such as piste length, altitude and difficulty of terrain clearly listed.

Linked resorts are marked too, making it even easier to plan future adventures.

the North FacePerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 8

The North Face ThermoBall Tent Mules


Best described as sleeping bags for feet, North Face’s insulated footwear is designed with fireside lounging in mind.

They’re incredibly comfortable, thanks to a die-cut EVA liner and North Face’s legendary PrimaLoft ThermoBall insulation, and a tough nylon base means they’re surprisingly rugged too.

Sculpted rubber lugs on the base helps keep the wearer upright should they need to venture outside in their nightwear, although if they’ve consumed 10-litres of mulled wine, there’s only so much those lugs can do...

Happy SocksPerfect last minute Christmas gifts for winter sports lovers products photo 10

Downhill Skiing Socks

Friends who feel the cold will love this hat trick of skier-adorned socks, made with 80 per cent cotton and stashed in an incredibly sturdy box.

Think of it like a suitcase for footwear, which eliminates the need for wrapping paper. 

A three-set costs £31.95 and is available from Happy Socks.

Writing by Tamara Hinson.