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(The Gear Loop) - The rise in popularity of wild swimming and other water-based exploits has naturally lead to more outdoorsy folk trying new things. Free-diving might feel like an extreme sport for the dedicated few, but the uptake is clearly enough for Orca to create a dedicated line of wetsuits.

The Orca Zen and Orca Mantra have been designed to meet the needs of deep-sea enthusiasts, allowing them to explore the underwater realm without the distraction of oxygen tanks and other paraphernalia.


The Zen is the pinnacle of the range, and is worn by ambassador and renowned free-diver William Trubridge. It combines a bespoke, body-mapped pattern with the latest in high-tech wetsuit materials.

Orca claims it is the most hydrodynamic free diving suit on the market, while the tight-fitting pattern and use of highly elastic materials allows the suit to adjust to the diver’s body, allowing plenty of freedom of movement.

Trubridge, holder of several world records, says that the suit "feels like a second skin". Offered in both men’s and women’s fits, the Zen costs £399.

There is also a more affordable option in the Mantra, which has also been designed to be a more versatile diving and swimming suit. The robust and durable materials retain the elastic properties of the more expensive Zen, allowing the suit to adapt to the body.

Priced at £249, it is also offered in men's and women's versions and is aimed at those just starting out in the world of underwater swimming, or for those who want a highly flexible and warm suit to wear in the water.

Check out the free-diving hub on the Orca website for more.

Writing by Leon Poultney.