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(The Gear Loop) - Rewind 10 years and Finisterre ambassador Easkey Britton embarked on a surf trip to Iran, where she became the first person to surf in Baluchistan, but she also noted the distinct lack of modest swimwear available to women, preventing locals from experiencing the joys of the water and unlocking their surf potential.

Following years of development, Finisterre and the Finisterre Foundation has announced its Seasuit - an evolution of this early surfwear solution that can meet the needs of many women. Whether their barrier is cultural, medical or personal, the goal was to provide greater access to the sea for women. 


The Into The Sea range comprises a Seasuit and accompanying Hijab, both fashioned from Seaqual, a recycled sea waste fabric that features a distorting geometric pattern to increase modesty, while the Seasuit is cut to provide unrestricted movement. Both rated SPF 50+ for maximum UV Protection. 

The fast-drying and lightweight Seasuit is available in XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL and retails at £150, while the Hijab is available in XS/S and M/L, and costs £40.

The Finisterre Foundation is also supporting the launch of the Into the Sea range with a 'buy one, gift one' purchase model. Each product purchase will coincide with a product donation to (and by) the foundation, with donated products sent to successful applicants and charity partners.

Applications to the Finisterre Foundation are open now, so if you would like to apply for your own Seasuit, or on behalf of someone you know who would benefit, hit the link.

Writing by Leon Poultney.