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(The Gear Loop) - Florida company BOTE, also responsible for the fantastically modular Rackham Aero paddle board, has just announced details of its latest Hangout Suite - a collection of eight modular, inflatable pieces that can be enjoyed individually, or combined to create epic floating spots for relaxing with friends and family.  

The hero pieces in the collection are the Hangout 240, Hangout Couch and Hangout Lounge, which are essentially durable floating platforms that do a good impression of a cosy booth, a sun lounger and a sofa.


BOTEBOTE drops new floating Hangout Suite photo 2

All items are made with BOTE’s proprietary AeroBOTE construction, meaning they are lightweight, portable but tough, while the collection can easily be tethered to make an extra-large chill out zone thanks to DockLink Connection straps, standard with each piece in the series. 

Each Hangout product has multiple lash points to allow thousands of different configurations and the ability to create the ultimate water lounge. BOTE’s proprietary MAGNEPOD system - magnetic attachment points - mean customers can also purchase magnetic buckets to keep drinks on ice and in place.

It doesn’t come cheap though, with the centrepiece Hangout 240 costing $1,549 and the smaller chairs coming in at $299. There are also no plans to bring it to the UK, which is probably best given the frigid water temperatures… even in the summer.

Regardless, what a way to hang out in the summer, either next to an anchored boat, in the middle of a flotilla of paddle boards or just on the beach. 

Writing by Leon Poultney.