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(The Gear Loop) - It is fair to say that the weather around these parts has been a runner’s worst nightmare recently. Cold rods of rain that soak and chill to the bone. It’s not nice but there is help at hand.

Under Armour’s latest Storm line-up features a number of products that aim to keep runners warm and dry when racking up the miles this winter and a stand out item is the new UA Storm OutRun the Cold Jacket.


We’ve been testing the jacket for the past few weeks, running in the grotty dim light and splashing our way around a sodden 5K. The jacket is clever, as it’s able to repel water without building up sweat inside.

It’s also surprisingly lightweight and packable, making it easy to fold down and shove into a pocket or tie around the waist if they sun decides to show its face.

Under ArmourUnder Armour launches Storm OutRun the Cold Jacket photo 3


Granted, the insane colourway might not be for everyone, but it is there for a reason. The Jackson Pollock-esque print features a reflective coating that catches any passing light and beams brightly to notify road users of your presence. It works brilliantly, without being too blatant during daylight hours.

There are two zipped hand pockets and a mesh interior pocket that’s large enough to store a smartphone. It stretches to fit even larger devices and keeps them securely in place, but due to the lightness of the jacket, it means the hem bounces around a fair bit. An inner breast pocket would have been a better placement. 

Under ArmourUnder Armour launches Storm OutRun the Cold Jacket photo 2

At £105, it certainly isn’t cheap, but we found the jacket performed well, even in torrential downpours, with a snug fitting hood and bungee hem cords allowing the jacket to be cinched down tight to protect from the worst of the weather.

Writing by Leon Poultney.