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(The Gear Loop) - Asics has unveiled the results of over ten years research and development, designed to reduce emissions across all stages of the running and fitness shoe product lifecycle.

The tongue-twisting Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95 emits just 1.95kg CO2e per pair (hence the name), significantly lighter in emissions than most other running shoes and trainers currently on the market.


For comparison, the Adizero X Allbirds shoe emit  2.94kg CO2e per pair, coming in at the next lowest if including 'performance' shoes. Asics' own Tiger Runner emit 5.51kg CO2e per pair.

According to the company, it has been able to make hundreds of incremental gains across four key stages of the product life cycle (Materials & Manufacturing, Transportation, Use and End-of-life), identifying all the small differences that combine to make a big impact.

AsicsAsics Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95 photo 1

Some of the standout features include a new carbon negative foam, which features as part of the shoe’s midsole and sockliner. The material is made from a fusion of bio-based polymers derived partly from sugarcane.

According to Asics, these combine to deliver high-level comfort and quality in a sustainable way.

AsicsAsics Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95 photo 5

Recycled and solution dyed polymer is used in the main upper and the sicklier mesh, while structure is added to the shoe using a tape material. This uses less material in general, while Asics says it uses 100 per cent renewable energy in manufacturing process.

Questionable styling aside, the Gel-Lyte III CM 1.95 will be widely available to buy in-store and online by winter 2023. 

Writing by Leon Poultney.