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(The Gear Loop) - With budgetary belts tightening and gym memberships potentially being cancelled, more folk will be heading out for a run. Why not make the most of a workout that costs very little, aside from a good pair of running shoes?

There has been a raft of new releases and hype of late, from the excellent Adidas 4DFWD to impending Under Armour running launches. Asics is also keen to get in on the action and the Novablast 3 is the latest in its advanced line of high tech running shoes.


Perhaps the most obvious place to start is the midsole, which now features a geometric origami design with the brand’s latest foam technology, the third generation of Asic’s’ unique cushioning trainer that is said to offer a "bouncing" running experience that keeps you lively and motivated on your run.

Comfort is increased thanks to new FF Blast Plus cushioning, which is now lighter than ever, as well as an updated tongue and mesh upper, which is claimed to hug the foot better. What’s more, the shoe’s upper is now made from at least 75 per cent recycled content.

AsicsAsics Novablast 3 running shoe photo 3

"With an extra millimetre added to the heel and forefoot, this new cushioning material is designed to offer a bouncy running experience, providing a more energised rebound in each step," Asics claims

"In addition, the Novablast 3 shoe is now approximately 22g lighter than its predecessor, making it the lightweight shoe to keep up with an active lifestyle," the company adds.

AsicsAsics Novablast 3 running shoe photo 4

The new shoe is available for men and women now and costs £135.00. You can find out more by heading to the Asics website. 


Writing by Leon Poultney.