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(The Gear Loop) - Adidas has been busy analysing 18 years worth of real-world athlete data to create what it believes to be the world’s first bowtie-shaped lattice midsole in a running shoe, designed to transform vertical pressure into a horizontal force - propelling runners forward.

Although it may look unconventional, the 4DFWD is the result of five million variations of the unique 4D midsole. 


AdidasAdidas unveils 4DFWD photo 7

Anette (Peko) Hosoi, Neil and Jane Pappalardo, Professors of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said: "When humans run, our forward motion is interrupted every time our foot hits the ground, leading to a subtle stop-start motion between strides. This is true for all runners – no matter your ability. At the MIT Sports Lab, we are developing innovative technologies that offer a direct solution for overcoming that intrinsic challenge. And the new 4DFWD does just that."

The shoe doesn’t just stop at this slightly madcap midsole either, as rubber expert Continental has also produced a new outsole that is said to deliver exceptional grip in any weather, as well as improved durability.

AdidasAdidas unveils 4DFWD photo 1

On top of this, an all-new Primeknit+ and engineered mesh upper construction has been introduced for an extra-supportive and snug fit. Complemented by a new integrated heel counter, Primeknit+ is said to offer a sock-like fit, while areas of engineered mesh provide support exactly where runners need it most. It's certainly a high tech shoe.

The shoe launches in a number of colorways, including a Carbon Cloud White and Impact Orange iteration for men. Grey Five, and Cloud White colorways are available for women. The shoe is priced at £180/€200 and will be able to buy from September 1, 2022. Visit the Adidas website for more.

Writing by Leon Poultney.