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(The Gear Loop) - Garmin’s HRM heart rate strap has been a key element to its fitness ecosystem for years now, providing superior heart rate monitoring accuracy to its range of bike computers, fitness watches and much more.

Today, the US brand has announced it latest HRM-Pro Plus, which it says is a premium heart rate strap that adds pace and distance data to its current offering, while continuing to provide athletes with real-time heart rate, running dynamics, dual transmission (ANT+ and BLE) and more.

GarminGarmin HRM-Pro Plus photo 4

Now, during indoor track or treadmill sessions, the HRM-Pro Plus will transmit pace and distance data to a compatible Garmin smartwatch. This is thanks to new accelerometers and sensors built into the device, which measure ground contact time, cadence, stride length and much more when running. This theoretically allows the user to leave said smartwatch behind for an unencumbered experience.

As with its previous device, the new HRM-Pro Plus is waterproof and can track heart rate while swimming. In the water, the HRM-Pro Plus includes store-and-forward functionality to harvest heart rate data during a swim. After a swim, the data is sent to a compatible smartwatch and displays alongside the other swimming metrics.

GarminGarmin HRM-Pro Plus photo 9

Again, if the user takes off a smartwatch to participate in team or contact sports, the HRM-Pro Plus will store steps, calories and intensity minutes, then sync that data with their smartwatch via the Garmin Connect mobile app.

The new heart rate straps runs from a standard coin cell battery, which lasts up to one year and is easily replaceable thanks to a tool-free battery door.

GarminGarmin HRM-Pro Plus photo 6

The HRM-Pro Plus is available now and has a suggested retail price of £119.99/$129.99.

Writing by Leon Poultney.