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(The Gear Loop) - Wings for Life Global Run is a charity run with a twist: while there are runs you can join in locations around the world, the option to take part in the "app run" means that anyone can join in and take part.

That means you can run this race in any location, regardless of your ability. You can choose to run the coast path, across your favourite fells, or pound the pavements of the suburbs - you just have to start at the right time.

We hooked up the Philips A7306, loaded up the app and joined in the fun.

A race that loves headphones 

Because the Wings for Life Global Run relies on the app to guide you through the race it's ideal for headphones. In fact, it's difficult without headphones, as you won't know what's happening in the race.

That's because the app not only counts you down to the start of the race, but it also clocks off your distance as you run - and gives you updates on the chase car. That's the unique element: there's no fixed distance for the race, you just have to keep ahead of the chase car and when it catches you, your race is over.

Running Wings for Life with Philips Go

We chose the Philips A7306 headphones, because they are true wireless sports headphones, ideal for connecting to your phone and heading out running. With a choice of ear tips and wings, it's easy to ensure a secure fit, so they won't fall out once you get going.

With headphones in place, the Wings for Life app fired up the commentary, giving a real feeling of immersion. It's like being at a race, but you're on your own - able to tackle it in your own terms, at your own pace. 

We chose to run a section of the river Thames in Surrey, aiming to get to Kingston Bridge before the chase car caught us. Alongside the river, our virtual start line, the Wings for Life app started taking us through a warmup in anticipation of the race ahead.

The Gear LoopWe ran the Wings for Life Global Run with Philips Go headphones photo 1

Setting off at a comfortable pace, we popped on an upbeat playlist, grateful for the sound quality that the Philips headphones offered. It wasn't long before we'd worked up a sweat, but with IP57 protection, that's no problem for the Philips A7306 either. 

The kilometres clicked by and at what we thought was the mid-point of the race, it was time to check in on another metric - heart rate. Thanks to the built-in sensor on the Philips A7306, it's just a tap to get an accurate heart rate reading, so you can gauge how well your body is responding. 

With power tunes blaring and the sun beaming down, we soon hit our target distance, the chase car still far behind and with our heart rate in a comfortable place.

The Gear LoopWe ran the Wings for Life Global Run with Philips Go headphones photo 2

It was a welcome sound to hear the chase car getting closer and bringing our race to a close: we'd covered nearly 16km, further than we'd planned, but that's the great thing about the Wings for Life Global Run - it carries you along, motivates you and makes you feel like you're part of something.

Over 161,000 participants joined the run, from 192 nations, raising €4.7 million for spinal cord research. The Philips A7306 were a great companion, essential for information during the run and supplying those tunes, delivered with aplomb.