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(The Gear Loop) - Beats by Dr. Dre has announced its latest fitness and running headphones, featuring a new wingtip design for added security without the ear hooks, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and an impressive 27-hour battery life with the charge case.

Powered by Apple’s H1 chip, the headphones naturally play nicely with other Apple products, with native features that include one-touch pairing, an eartip test to ensure the best fit, Automatic Switching between iCloud devices, Audio Sharing, hands-free access to "Hey Siri" and Find My in iOS... in case you drop them when out on a run.

Beats By Dr. DreBeats Fit Pro photo 21

Fret not Android users, because they are also compatible with your devices, while a Beats companion app delivers a similar experience to that mentioned above.

But above all else, the headphones have been designed for those who like to workout, run or cycle to a pumping soundtrack or favoured podcast, as the new wingtip system ensures a secure fit without the bulky earhooks of the Powerbeats Pro, even during punishing sessions, while three new listening modes allow for variations in the sonic experience and increased awareness of surroundings.

Beats By Dr. DreBeats Fit Pro photo 2

ANC uses both outward and inward-facing microphones to survey surroundings up to 200 times per second and cancels out any unwanted noise. Pushing the "b" button switches things into "Transparency" mode, allowing noise from the surroundings to enter the ear, which is great for running or riding out on the road or in public.

When both ANC and Transparency are turned off, Adaptive EQ is enabled. Powered by Apple’s computational audio, the inward-facing microphone in each earbud listens to the sound you are hearing and automatically tunes the low and mid-frequencies to the shape of your ear for a more consistent listening experience. 

Beats By Dr. DreBeats Fit Pro photo 10

Beats has also added what it calls "spatial audio with dynamic head tracking", which it says provides a "theatre-like" experience for content recorded in 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos.

It works by harnessing the power of gyroscopes and accelerometers in both Beats Fit Pro and your iPhone or iPad, using them to track the motion of your head as well as your device and compare the motion data. The sound field is then remapped so it stays anchored to the device, even as your head moves.

Beats By Dr. DreBeats Fit Pro photo 1

In theory, this should equate to huge sound, even when deep into a sprint training session or when getting in shape in the gym.

Beats Fit Pro is available to order starting 24 January 2022 for £199.99/$199.99, with shipping beginning 28 January. 

Writing by Leon Poultney.