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(The Gear Loop) - Makers of premium triathlon gear and award winning trisuits, Tri-Fit, is expanding its apparel range to include high-performance athletic clothing for running, training and general high intensity activities.

Dubbed SiTech, the new collection is packed with cutting-edge features, such as laser cut ventilation, thermo-welded seams and strategic reflection for maximum visibility when training in the twilight hours.

According to Tri-Fit, the collection has been two years in the making, with the company constantly refining and developing designs with input from its trusted athletes. As a result, the pieces feature high performance fabrics, are made with a precision fit and are breathable and moisture wicking for added comfort.

The range comprises an Athletic Bra, with soft- touch straps and taped reinforced seams, men’s Dual Shorts with a unique mesh breathable waist band and thigh pockets, women’s version of the shorts with comfort enhancing inner flatlock stitching, SiTech Leggings and shirts ands running singlets with laser-cut ventilation and reflective details.

Dan Evans, Co-Founder of Tri-Fit said, "We know first-hand how important it is for athletes to have clothing that supports their training, racing, and everything in-between. We wanted to showcase the latest features in sports clothing technology and have taken our time to make sure this new collection is up to our high standards."

On top of its mission to become the world’s leading triathlon apparel brand, Tri-Fit is also part of a sustainability campaign called 1 per cent for the Planet, which means that 1 per cent of all sales go towards environmental nonprofit organisations - whether or not the business is profitable.

Check out the new range by visiting the website.

Writing by Leon Poultney.