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(The Gear Loop) - The Gear Loop is here to bring you the freshest news, the most honest reviews, informative guides and inspirational travel features that cover all outdoor active lifestyle pursuits, from sea to summit. The website focuses on camping, cycling, running, hiking, water sports and winter sports, selecting the best products from each of those categories and testing them in real-life scenarios. We also aim to provide guides and how-to features for those perhaps dipping a tentative toe into a new activity or outdoor pursuit. 

So whether you are here to research the best tents for camping throughout the winter months (hats off to you), or simply want to read an expert opinion on the latest Garmin smartwatch, we have assembled a dedicated crew of writers that, collectively, have over 100 years of experience out in the field.


We are privileged to have a team that includes former pro snowboard instructors, competitive cyclists, back-to-back marathon runners, accomplished climbers and watersports fanatics. We’ve even got a guy who hiked across the country with a newborn in tow. What they don’t know about enjoying the outdoors and the latest products to do that with isn’t worth knowing.

How we review products

We aren't here to lab-test products to destruction, delivering a 16-page report on how the pocket of an insulated jacket isn't quite set at the right angle. Instead, we want to give you an honest opinion on how we think a product performed when we were using it ... in situations it is likely to be used in. Here's our full review policy on how we handle products at The Gear Loop, whether it is at trade show, an early preview briefing, or out in the field.

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We hope that you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy making it. 

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