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(The Gear Loop) - British outdoor clothing manufacturer Rab has announced details of a pilot Rab Rental programme that will go live on March 4th, 2022. 

In order to reduce the amount of clothing wastage and to make the outdoors more affordable and accessible to everyone, Rab will open up its line of technical outdoors and mountain gear to anyone wishing to borrow it for short periods of time.

RabRab Rental project photo 7

According to Rab, by renting fit-for-purpose outdoor clothing and equipment for expeditions, trips or events, aspiring and accomplished hikers, climbers, and mountaineers minimise the use of items that risk gathering dust, or ending up in landfill prematurely.   

The service will see kit available for hire for anything from three-day jaunts to 21-day expeditions, with everything from sleeping bags, tents and bivis, to trekking and hiking packs, waterproof shells, and insulated jackets available.

Rab/Ian CorlessRab Rental project photo 1

Rab’s established Service Centre will take care of the pilot scheme, cleaning, reproofing and repairing returned gear as necessary, to ensure it performs.

At the end of its natural life, each of the products will be up-cycled, stripped or recycled where possible, in line with the company’s recent global sustainability goals.

The Gear LoopRab Rental project photo 8

Currently only available in the UK (although Rab plans to roll this service out in the USA in due time), Rab Rental is not only better for the environment, it could also make it much easier on the adventurer’s wallet.

An Expedition 1400 Down Sleeping Bag, which retails at £840, can be rented for as little as £66, for example. Lowe Alpine trekking backpacks can be snapped up for £14 for several days and high-tech mountain jackets can be had for around £40.

Rab/Ian CorlessRab Rental project photo 5

Matt Clarke, Head of Customer Experience at Equip, explains: "Rab Rental makes it easier for more people to enjoy the outdoors with the best outdoor apparel and equipment. We have designed a process that makes it as easy as possible for anyone to choose the kit they need. At the same time, we’re offering an opportunity to try before you buy, while extending the lifecycle of our gear and reducing the need to buy new every time."

You can check out the gear and pricing by visiting the Rab Website.

Writing by Leon Poultney.