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(The Gear Loop) - The Swedish outdoors expert Klättermusen has lifted the lid on this year’s spring/summer collection, highlighting several lightweight, robust and extremely versatile pieces that have been designed and engineered for hiking, camping, trail running and general outdoor exploration.

To celebrate, the brand hooked up with ultra-distance runner and "multidisciplinary creative strategist" Patrick Stangbye to create a new lookbook of bespoke imagery, dubbed Norwegian Woods.


KlättermusenKlättermusen Norwegian Woods Lookbook photo 3

The lookbook pulls out some fresh Klättermusen pieces, such as the Laufey men’s lightweight shorts, the Huge Men’s Wuru Hoodie and the Nail Men’s Windbreaker Jacket.

All of the items have been designed to promote freedom of movement, functioning in harmony with things like backpacks and climbing accessories, while lightweight, fast drying and robust materials make the jackets, hoodies and shorts perfect for speed hiking and even trail running jaunts.

KlättermusenKlättermusen Norwegian Woods Lookbook photo 6

"I believe in movement. Moving fast and light have benefits both for mind and body. For work and pleasure. Most people now populate urban areas. It’s important to facilitate outdoor activities that can co-exist with many cities and their surroundings," says Patrick Stangbye.

"Most outdoor photography today still seems highly inspired by how Romantics painted landscapes. The cityscape, the urban landscape, was portrayed by modernist painters. They embraced the freedom that the abstraction gave. I wanted to show this freedom that exists in activities and gear that is multimodal and work for several high paced activities," he adds.

KlättermusenKlättermusen Norwegian Woods Lookbook photo 8

Other standout items in the fast-paced collection include hiking and running hats, an ultra-versatile 197 Retina Active Backpack, as well as moisture-wicking and fast-drying t-shirts that can be used for a number of disciplines.

You can check out the collection and more of Stangbye’s action shots by following the link.

Writing by Leon Poultney.