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(The Gear Loop) - Inov-8 has launched its first-ever hike clothing range, building on its reputation for creating fast footwear.

The Lake District-based firm’s new Venturelight collection takes inspiration from its trail running clothing and has been designed with speedier hikes in mind.


Inov-8Inov-8 launches debut hiking range photo 2

With a range that includes mid-layers, hoodies, trousers and shorts - as well as a three-layer waterproof jacket set to join the series this winter - the new line-up aims to capture some of the ease of movement associated with trail running gear, but with the sturdiness of a more hike-orientated setup. 

Helen Stuart, Inov-8’s head of clothing and equipment, said: "We’ve seen the continued growth in popularity of faster paced hiking and want to give these outdoor lovers the same speedy-feel that trail runners enjoy from their clothing but with the necessary hiking twists.

Inov-8Inov-8 launches debut hiking range photo 9

"We’ve kept all the garments super-lightweight by removing unnecessary features and instead sharply focused on the things that hikers really need to safely go faster on trails and chase down mountain summits."

Inov-8 thoroughly tested and designed the new range at its Lake District home, taking the project from the concept stage right the way through to launch in two years, with a team of 'experienced hikers' acting as testers throughout the programme. 

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All of main fabrics used in the clothing range also feature the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, which ensures that no harmful substances are present in the material. Plus, the packaging for the new range features new 'polybags' that incorporate biodegradable technology. 

Prices for the new series of clothing vary, from £110 for a full-zip women’s hoodie to £55 for a pair of men’s shorts.

Writing by Jack Evans. Editing by Leon Poultney.