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(The Gear Loop) - Finisterre has just take the (biodegradable) wraps off the first fully circular jacket, which breaks down safely once it has reached the end of its useful life.

The Cornish brand already has a keen focus on "repair, reuse and recycle", encouraging its customers to fix garments and wetsuits, or return them to the company so they can put them to good use elsewhere. But Biosmock goes, in the words of Madness, one step beyond.


Its latest jacket uses innovative materials, such as PrimaLoft and HD Wool, to pair natural and synthetic materials to achieve a landmark zero-waste closed loop system. The key here is a Bio additive to the PrimaLoft that allows it to naturally break down when left to decompose in the air or in water over time.

On top of this, the HD Wool uses a blend of non-Merino wool known for its greater physical durability and has been produced by farmers that have started the ReGenerative Agricultural process by having their land subjected to an Ecological Outcome Verification. This includes improving soil health, creating better natural irrigation and sequestering carbon.

Even the closings and fastenings have been carefully considered, with fully biodegradable, recycled plastic poppers replacing zips and natural organic cotton stitching throughout.

Understandably, the jacket has caught the attention of numerous outdoor awards judges, winning the ISPO Gold Award in the Outdoor Apparel category.

"This is the leading example of the Circular Economy in performance apparel. A practical insulation layer that uses the most advanced PrimaLoft BIO technology combined with HDWool wadding to create comfort in almost every condition.

"When all other items are trying to reduce their environmental footprint, this garment is climate positive through using regenerative practices." Charles Ross, Specialist Performance Sportswear Design on the ISPO award jury, explained.

However, protecting the planet doesn’t come cheap, as this versatile jacket, which can be layered beneath a waterproof or worn on its own as an outer shell, costs £250. But that money buys Finisterre and Aquapak’s 'Leave No Trace’ packaging, which is water soluble, compostable and recyclable.

It's available from the Finisterre website now.

Writing by Leon Poultney.