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(The Gear Loop) - Canadian company ewool knows a thing or two about surviving in the cold. Its HQ is based in Montreal, a place that regularly dips to -12° in the winter months. But this is also a place where the Great Outdoors is part of its very culture.

Because of this, ewool has been forging ahead with lightweight heated clothing for those hikers, golfers and brave motorcyclists that want to continue enjoying the fresh air while avoiding becoming a human ice sculpture.


The latest generation of clothing sees a new Metro heated vest for men and women, heated sock covers and heated glove liners, of all of which are powered by tiny 22W lithium polymer batteries. New for this generation is a clever magnetic SnapConnect charging system that makes a magnetic contact with the charge port.

The socks and gloves also feature haptic feedback, letting the user know what level of heat has been selected, while the entire system has been designed to withstand the water, including cycles in the washing machine.

EwoolEwool launches next generation of heated clothing photo 1

With up to twice the heating power of competitors, ewool says its products can last up to seven hours on a low setting, or around two hours on the highest setting.

The vests are powered by 18W USB-C battery pack that discreetly sits in one of the inside pockets, offering three levels of heat and up to five hours of warmth.

EwoolEwool launches next generation of heated clothing photo 2

Prices are currently only available in US Dollars, with the Metro Vest and SnapConnect heated sock covers costing $319 and the SnapConnect heated glove liners costing £298. However, the company does offer free shipping to Europe. Check out the ewool website for more.

Writing by Leon Poultney.