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(The Gear Loop) - Merrell is about to embark on a multi-year sustainability programme, dubbed This Is Home, that it hopes will change the way consumers interact with its products and encourages buyers to protect nature.

The first initiative in this drive is a programme called Merrell ReTread, which the company claims will save 300,000 pairs of footwear from landfill by the year 2025.

MerrellMerrell announces ReTread recycling programme photo 4

Merrell has partnered with ReCircled, which allows consumers the opportunity to give back Merrell footwear. Once received, the footwear will be repaired and refurbished for resale, broken down for use in new products, or recycled for alternative uses. 

The initiative launches this month in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Benelux, Sweden and Finland to begin with, but Merrell hopes to roll it out to a multi-national audience very soon.

MerrellMerrell announces ReTread recycling programme photo 6

"The role of This is Home is to ignite our emotional connection to the outdoor environments around us, by encouraging people to deepen their experiences locally," says Chris Hufnagel, Global Brand President of Merrell. 

"We believe the outdoors is a place that people can always come home to, and that is why we are committed to preserve and protect the places we recreate. The Merrell ReTread program is a firm step in our sustainable commitment, enabling us to extend the life of our Merrell footwear and giving people more options to minimise their environmental footprint."

MerrellMerrell announces ReTread recycling programme photo 5

If you’d like to participate, simply click this link that takes you to the ReTread mini-site. From here, you’ll receive a free return label to ship used Merrell footwear to ReCircled. 

Once the shipment is collected, consumers will receive a €/£20 off promotion code, valid on a purchase of €/£80 or more in the selected European Countries, to purchase new Merrell footwear or apparel. Everyone's a winner.

Writing by Leon Poultney.