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(The Gear Loop) - Blundstone, best known for its simple design, comfortable fit and hard-wearing attributes, has recently announced a new line of footwear that bridges the gap between a trainer or sneaker and a work boot.

The new Active models are based on the same Chelsea design and feature the company’s mix of suede and leather uppers but also pack the softness, lightness and flexibility of a sneaker.


This shorter Chelsea upper is now paired with a PU chunky midsole to offer greater cushioning underfoot, while a heel stabiliser and generous rubber sole provide additional grip and protection from the elements.

Lightweight, comfortable and breathable, the Active Series might not pack the same kind of all-weather robustness and general hardy nature as the Originals and Classics, but the unisex design is aimed at the "urban explorer" who perhaps likes to venture off the well-trodden path every now and then.

"Our 21/22 Active styles reboot this series for the Blundstone fans looking for a fresh take on our iconic designs," says Joe Carfora, Blundstone’s Global Lifestyle and Ancillaries Range Manager.

"We’re confident our on-trend colours and renowned Blundstone materials paired with the cushioned comfort of a sneaker, will be a success in every market," he adds.

Available in eight different colour combinations, the boots retail at £165/$219.95 and are on sale now.


Writing by Leon Poultney.