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(The Gear Loop) - One of the world’s leading long-distance hiking events has announced that it will add a UK date to its calendar this year, taking the global tally up to 15 challenging events that traverse some of the world's most majestic terrain.

Highlander, which was founded in 2017 by Croatian hiking enthusiasts and friends Jurica Barac, Igor Mlinarevic and Andrej Mlinarevi, has since taken on a life of its own and now attracts participants from Montenegro to Morocco and the United Arab Emirates to the United States.

The event, which typically involves three distances (25km, 50km and 100km) allows participants to reconnect with nature, sleep under the stars and hike alongside like-minded people in stunning environments.

Since partnering with the Spartan Race last year, Highlander has been ablate expand its operation and is now coming to the UK for the first time, with a three-distance event schedule in the Lake District in June 2022.

"Our vision and main goal is to motivate people to go hiking, spend more time in nature and thus change themselves for the better - both mentally and physically," said Highlander Adventure CEO and co-founder Jurica Barac.

"That is why we are beyond happy and proud that Highlander is finally coming to England, a country that embraces nature and how the great outdoors can benefit your health and lifestyle. That is why we are sure the long-distance hiking event series Highlander will be a big hit".

Participants of the 25km event will hike for two days and camp in a scheduled checkpoint for a night, while organisers will provide a Mountain Safety Team and support, as well as nourishing meals.

That said, participants are still required to bring all of their own gear, including tents, a decent supply of water, sleeping bags, medical supplies and maps, meaning it will be a challenge even to those with prior hiking experience.

The longer 50km and 100km routes will take multiple days, with the longest option completed in five days and four nights of carefully orchestrated wild camping

However, organisers claim Highlander isn’t a race and "there are no winners or losers, with participants - even perfect strangers - cheering each other on". That said, it’s set to test both physical and mental toughness in anyone who gets involved.

Early bird prices start at £169 for the shortest routes and creep up to £339 for the most challenging event. The later you leave it, the more expensive the entry fee becomes.

Find out more on the website now.

Writing by Leon Poultney.