How to summit Helvellyn: top tips from a professional

Steve is a Lake District aficionado and a director of the Kendal Mountain Festival. Here he shares his tips for a successful adventure on Helvellyn. (image credit: Steve Scott)
Helvellyn is one of the Lake District’s majors, especially if you undertake the Striding Edge ascent and Swirral Edge descent, a superb 8km loop. (image credit: Unsplash)
The time of year will change the level of challenge for you: summer hikes in blue skies are a dream, but winter conditions can turn this mountain into a beast. (image credit: Unsplash)
For an alpine-style fast ascent you can park near Wythburn and head up via Comb Crags and Birk Side: a lung-burner with fast altitude gains. (image credit: Unsplash)
Knowing the advanced weather forecast is also a must and there are fantastic weather resources online so getting caught out is no excuse. (image credit: Unsplash)
Both Swirral and Striding Edges offer spectacular views but are also exposed. These are perhaps not ideal for the inexperienced fell walker. (image credit: Komoot / Pim Rinkes)
Steve Scott is a Lake District local and has spent his life in the mountains. Catch him hosting the new Kendal Mountain Tour. (image credit: Alex Foxfield)