The best kit and tech for winter adventures in the hills

It takes a certain type of hiker to head for the icy heights of a mountain peak in the depths of winter, but the rewards can be great. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Equipped with a GPS, map, crampons and a stove, you can pretty much cope with anything that great outdoors can throw at you… and believe us, it did. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
So, here’s the kit we decided to haul up some of the tallest peaks in the Northwest Highlands and our honest opinion on how it performed. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
It might look a little funky, but this pack should certainly be on your wish list. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Initially intimidating, a pair of crampons makes moving about in wintery conditions so much easier and the Alpinist Combi makes a solid choice. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
A very impressive device that’ll be a worthy companion for the gnarliest adventures but be sure to take some time to get familiar with how it works. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
An excellent choice for those spending long days on the hills and these gloves could even work overtime as a pair of ski gloves on the slopes. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
If you’re not on a tight budget, this is the perfect stove for shorter adventures. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
A great choice to provide some additional stability, but we’d be tempted to look elsewhere for a pair that’ll cope with more rugged terrain. (image credit: The Gear Loop)