Specialized Allez Sprint Comp review: aero alloy Allez nails it, but it doesn’t come cheap

When you think about performance road bikes, the mind typically races towards carbon fibre. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
But the new Specialized Allez Sprint Disc aims to feature all of the aero gains of its carbon fibre SL 7 siblings but with aluminium as the material of choice. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Specialized has used what it calls D’Alusio Smartweld technology to get the same aerodynamic gains. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
The company says this is 41 seconds faster over 40km than the previous Allez Sprint Disc. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
If you look closely, you’ll notice the welds have now been moved away from high-stress areas - now achievable thanks to Specialized’s proprietary tech.  (image credit: The Gear Loop)
The result? A fast, stiff bike with all of the robustness, lightness and costs savings associated with aluminium. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
However, Allez Sprint Comp isn't exactly cheap and many owners will likely be looking for better quality wheels and improved shifting at nearly £3,000. (image credit: The Gear Loop)