BMC Roadmachine X One Disc review: the perfect one-bike garage?

When we dragged the Roadmachine X One out of its box, we were a bit baffled at what it was actually for. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
It didn’t look as fast or sharp as a road bike, yet it also didn’t look as capable as a gravel bike so where would you ride the thing? (image credit: The Gear Loop)
The answer is, rather unhelpfully, everywhere. It’ll eat up miles on the road as easily as it does off it (image credit: The Gear Loop)
One of the standout features of the Roadmachine X One is the groupset. Shifting and braking is dealt with by SRAM’s exceptional Force AXS. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
The frame proved stiff in all the right places and the bottom bracket had no perceivable flex. This is a bike that can happily keep up with dedicated roadies. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
There's also room for 32mm wide WTB Expanse tyres, which when pumped up to 70psi, provided the optimal balance between rolling speed and compliance. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
If we were forced into only having one bike in the garage, the Roadmachine X One would be very near the top of the list of the best bikes that can do it all. (image credit: The Gear Loop)