Specialized S-Works Aethos review: a performance road bike for the (rich) people

At £12,500/$14,000, the latest Specialized Aethos rapidly jumps to the top end of the expensive road bike charts. (image credit: Angus Sung/Specialized)
Rather than chasing podium wins, Specialized has focussed its efforts on creating a lightweight, high-performance road bike that seemingly excels in all areas. (image credit: Angus Sung/Specialized)
The S-Works Aethos tips the scales at just 6.23kg in Shimano Di2 form, but feels every bit as tough as an everyday steed should be. (image credit: Angus Sung/Specialized)
Specialized employed advanced computer algorithms to come up with the perfect carbon lay-up. Every fibre works hard so they could use less but retain strength. (image credit: Angus Sung/Specialized)
At just 585g, the Aethos is arguably the lightest production disc frame on sale today. (image credit: Specialized)
The power transfer is extraordinary, the way it approaches climbs is almost comical and it handles like some of the sharpest road machines on sale. (image credit: Angus Sung/Specialized)
Aethos offers a remarkable ride in a razor sharp and stylish package. Yet it belies its price tag by begging to be ridden day in, day out. (image credit: Specialized)