Garmin Rally XC200 Power Pedals review: a robust but mightily expensive power meter

Power pedals and power meters help a cyclist not only work out their FTP (functional threshold power), but also work out ways of improving it. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Garmin's new Rally series of power pedals are compatible with the most common cleat types, but these XC200s are designed for off-road trail and gravel riding. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Weighing 444g, the Garmin Rally XC200 aren’t lightweight but this is reassuring in terms of the build quality and ability to use them in most environments. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
we subjected them to muddy dunkings, small drop-offs and the occasional accidental bounce off a rock or two and they are still relatively unscathed. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Garmin's bike computers offer an almost overwhelming amount of data as standard, but these power pedals only add to this. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Info on power phase, left/right leg balance and platform centre offset are just a few examples, all presented in graphs and graphics via the Garmin Connect app. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
The information provided is undoubtedly impressive, they’re easy to live with and perform well but we feel only very serious cyclists will get the most from it. (image credit: The Gear Loop)