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(The Gear Loop) - When the clocks change, the days get shorter and the damp weather draws in, it’s comforting to know Scott has got your back. Quite literally. 

The company has just released a collection of cycling clothing that is designed to be comfortable, increase your visibility and allow you to ride long distances without worrying about the weather.


This extremely downpour-proof gathering of high-tech textiles and fancy fabrics has a focussed brief: to be windproof, waterproof and maximise visibility when riding in the coldest, dampest and harshest conditions.

Whether on a road bike, mountain bike or gravel, Scott has something for everyone and every season.

ScottScott 2022 All Season Collection photo 1

Standout pieces include the Trail Storm Jacket and matching Pants, both packing a 3L waterproof stretch fabric that is highly breathable, plus fully taped and water-resistant zips to keep both you and your valuables dry while riding.

Designed with all-weather mountain-bikers in mind, these looser fitting garments will suit those smashing muddy trails and dank forest paths this autumn/winter.

ScottScott 2022 All Season Collection photo 3

For the gravel and endurance riders, Scott has warm merino shirts and Gravel Warm +++ tights for both male and female riders. Strategically placed waterproof and windproof panels in the front and back offer enhanced comfort in wet and cold conditions.

Featuring muted colours and clever heat retention technology, the line-up of innovative clothing will extend the riding season of fair-weather cyclists everywhere. 

ScottScott 2022 All Season Collection photo 4

Freewheel over to the Scott website to view the collection. 

Writing by Leon Poultney.