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(The Gear Loop) - Specialized has introduced a new addition to its range of road cycling shoes. Dubbed the Torch, it has been "so thoughtfully constructed, you’ll forget you’re wearing it", according to the Californian brand.

Created using more than 100,000 foot scans from Specialized’s RETÜL data programme, the Torch features the option of two base plate choices, giving standard and wide options that are 4mm and 7mm wider respectively than those on the range-topping S-Works 7. Crafted from carbon, the marque’s new 'pie crust' edging helps to dial out flex and aims to give a more streamlined construction overall. 


SpecializedSpecialized’s new S-Works Torch shoe photo 4

There’s also an internal I-Beam that boosts stiffness, while overall the Torch’s base plates come in at 20 grams lighter than the S-Works 7. Specialized says that these changes assist with "enhanced efficiency and immediate power transfer", too. 

Through rider feedback, an asymmetric heel cup is also included, which helps to provide more room to accommodate the achilles, while maintaining optimal knee alignment for increased comfort over longer and more arduous rides.

SpecializedSpecialized’s new S-Works Torch shoe photo 1

The uppers have also been revised, with the Boa dial closure set-up moved further down the shoe and angled, helping to prevent lift around the ball of the foot. This change to the closure system also means that the velcro strap of the outgoing S-Works 7 has been ditched, which  is said to deliver superior structure and reduce unwanted pressure on pinch points. The pull phase of each pedal stroke has been made even more efficient through additional reinforcement over the big toe, too. 

At £385, the new Torch comes in at around the same price as the flagship Ares shoes. However, the Torch aims to provide a more all-rounded experience compared with the Ares, which is primarily designed for sprinters. Check out the website for further info.

Writing by Jack Evans. Editing by Leon Poultney.