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(The Gear Loop) - French sports sunglasses and skiwear brand Bollé has unveiled the latest in its long line of performance eyewear for cyclists. Dubbed the C-Shifter, the latest shades pack a half-rim style and aerodynamic cylindrical shape to the frame.

Designed to increase ventilation when on the bike, the C-Shifter is made of TR90 nylon, ensuring it  is light, flexible and comfortable. There is also an adjustable nose piece and temple tips with Thermogrip rubber to make sure everything stays in place, no matter how intense the race becomes.

Bollé/CANDEBollé unleashes the C-Shifter photo 1

According to the brand, its Volt+ lenses are the first of their kind to have been designed and created using artificial intelligence. Bollé tested over 20 million combinations to develop a patented solution, which is said to deliver a richer colour experience than is humanly possible with natural vision.

"Volt+ offers 30 per cent superior colour enhancement to help you see colours you’ve never perceived before, while maintaining white balance", the company explains. 

Bollé/CANDEBollé unleashes the C-Shifter photo 2

"In addition to enhancing all colours, Volt+ offers high contrast vision, improved depth perception and high-performance polarisation," it adds.

The glasses will be worn by Groupama-FDJ cyclists Valentin Madouas, Michael Storer, Quentin Pacher, Jake Stewart and Attila Valter.

Bollé/CANDEBollé unleashes the C-Shifter photo 4

They will come in two combinations with the Classic lens, priced at £115, or four combinations with the polarised Volt+ lens priced at £145.


Writing by Leon Poultney.