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(The Gear Loop) - Wahoo is celebrating what it calls "10 years of constant innovation" by giving a handful of its best-selling indoor trainers a tech makeover.

The most notable of these is built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which will sit alongside the existing Bluetooth and ANT+ hardware to offer a more seamless and reliable connection across devices. 


Wahoo says that adding Wi-Fi technology into its indoor training products increases the ability to connect across phones, tablets and other electronic devices. "Without the reliance on various hardware layers, such as Bluetooth and ANT+ chips, Wi-Fi also solves the issues of drop-outs," the company states.

Those using software such as Wahoo X, Zwift, Rouvy, BKOOL and more to train and race online will benefit from significantly increased data transfer speeds over Wi-Fi. According to Wahoo, the addition of Wi-Fi delivers on-screen stats over 65 per cent faster than before, making workouts more seamless and eRacing more precise.

WahooWahoo Wi-Fi connectivity photo 5

Anyone who has experienced controllable drop-outs mid-race will attest to the frustration felt.

In addition to the performance increases, the introduction of Wi-FI also comes with the added bonus of being able to provide real-time troubleshooting courtesy of Wahoo’s customer support team, as well as automatic firmware updates.

WahooWahoo Wi-Fi connectivity photo 4


The two new product updates follow in the footsteps of the launch of Wahoo X, which its the company’s first streaming service that includes online cycling simulation thanks to the acquisition of RGT Cycling in April 2022.

Both the Kickr v6 and Kickr Bike v2 are available for £1,099.99 and £3,499.99 respectively. For more information on both products visit the Wahoo website.

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Writing by Leon Poultney.