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(The Gear Loop) - Although we’re all about the great outdoors here at The Gear Loop, trail riding, exploring off the beaten path and generally getting riding shoes muddy, we can’t help but get excited about anything with pedals.

This is particularly true if it has a battery pack and electric motor, as you’ll see from some of your eGravel bike reviews. But in this case, extra kudos goes to the fact that an electric powertrain has been mated to a distinctly retro, chrome-dipped BMX frame.

Zooz BikesZooz Bikes Urban Ultralight BMX photo 3

The Zooz Bikes Urban Ultralight range of electric BMX kicks off with the lightest (20kg) 250W model, which is capable of speeds up to 16mph and offers a 40-mile range from its built-in battery pack.

Stopping power is taken care of by powerful hydraulic disc brakes, while a 36V gear drive motor provides the shove at the back wheel.

Zooz BikesZooz Bikes Urban Ultralight BMX photo 1

Weighing in at a hefty 28kg is the range-topping Urban Ultralight 1100 that has a motor capable of delivering a peak power of 1600W. That equates to a top speed of 33mph, while still offering a max range of around 40-miles.

All bikes feature cadence-sensors to determine pedal assist, while riders can also use a throttle for electrical assistance. The legality of this depends on its intended usage, with public roads in the UK definitely off limits, this is a bike designed with fun in mind.

Zooz BikesZooz Bikes Urban Ultralight BMX photo 8

Every model keeps it simple on tech and features with a "less-is-more approach, focusing on quality components, design, and the ride instead of gadgets and racks and gimmicks", says Co-Founder Chris Zahner.

He adds, "urban dwellers are looking for exploration and excitement on top of simple mobility as social distancing measures not only affect your commute, but also minimise our daily dose of excitement. Zooz offers thrill-on-demand".

Zooz BikesZooz Bikes Urban Ultralight BMX photo 5

UK-based e-ride specialists Ride and Glide has been appointed as the UK’s exclusive supplier of Zooz Bikes, with prices starting at £2,100 for the 250 model, rising to £2,600 for a 750 variant and topping out at £3,100 for the most powerful 1100 model.

If only they produced a rugged off-road version, we'd be first in the queue to try one out.

Writing by Leon Poultney.