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(The Gear Loop) - North American inner-city cycling specialist Chrome Industries has announced a new colourway that will adorn a limited edition range of some of its most popular messenger and cycling bags.

Five Heritage Series bags have been given the Swedish treatment, featuring a detailed camo pattern that has taken inspiration from the M90 camouflage used by the Swedish armed forces.


But because this is Chrome Industries, the subdued grey, black and white finish has been laced with highly visible, reflective hits that are barely visible during the day but stand out in darker hours when headlights and other light sources hit it.

The range consists of Chrome’s Citizen Messenger bag, which is arguably its most popular messenger-style satchel thanks to its clever "floating bucket liner" with separate wet and dry compartments. 


According to the brand, the bag has been stress-tested by professional bike messengers since 1995 and as a result, now comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Other innovative items include the bike-packing friendly Doubletrack bag that negates the need to wear anything on your back by neatly stowing on the handlebars of most bicycles. The design maximises on utility by allowing wearers to rock it via a deployable shoulder strap.


Fans of something smaller and more discreet can look towards the Kadet. This low profile sling bag fits a light jacket, tablet, camera, keys and wallet. It is protected by military grade nylon and held secure with Chrome’s seatbelt buckle. 

Finally, there’s a classic backpack in the form of Barrage, with a 34-38-litre capacity, external cargo net for storing locks and more, 100 per cent waterproof exterior and laptop sleeve that fits a 15-inch MacBook Pro. The laptop of choice for the about-town creative hipster.

The limited edition range is available to buy now, but will only be around for as long as stocks last. 

Writing by Leon Poultney.