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(The Gear Loop) - SunGod has released another instalment of its See Better film series, which tells the story of some its key athletes - from kite surfers to cyclists, the subject of the latest mini movie.

Momentum tells the story of Team SunGod’s all-female World Tour Team, Liv Racing Xstra, as they prepare to compete in the world's most iconic cycling race for the very first time.

Despite being the largest and most glamorous race on the cycling calendar for over 100 years, there has never been a Tour de France race purely for female riders. But that’s all about to change this year.

As one of the two longest-active teams in the women’s peloton, Liv Racing Xstra has always been a driving force of professionalism in women’s cycling and it is hungry to stamp its authority on the women’s cycling scene.

Told through the words of the athletes, the latest short film explores how women’s cycling is evolving, and what needs to happen next to create a more equal future for the sport. 

To accompany the film launch, SunGod has created a limited edition pair of Momentum Vulcans and Velans, which will be worn by World Tour Team Liv Racing Xstra at the 2022 edition of the Tour. 

SunGod says that this unique range not only "celebrates the huge step forward for gender equality in cycling", but also "signifies the work that remains to be done". The glasses are available to buy now from the SunGod website.

Watch the film below:

Writing by Matt Buckley. Editing by Leon Poultney.