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(The Gear Loop) - Some items of kit just ooze cool. When summer comes a-knockin’, few things will turn onlookers green with envy like a quality hammock. While some struggle to get comfortable on their sandy beach towel, or on the lumpy earth beside their tent, in a hammock, you’ve got the ultimate in minimalist outdoor relaxation. 

Kicking back in the sunshine with a good book or sitting with a chilled beverage and a friend, taking it all in from your hangout... what could be more satisfying? Perhaps you’ve set up basecamp on a backpacking mission and slung your ‘mock between a couple of trees, positioned perfectly for sunset. Maybe you’ve pitched your hammock in the garden at home for the occasional siesta. Whichever way you use it, a hammock adds value to your outdoor life.


With the Pro Double, Aussie brand Sea to Summit has created a lightweight hammock intended for recreational day use or for wild campers who value its comfort and packability. It’s a heavier model than Sea to Summit’s Ultralight Hammock, yet what it loses in the lightweight stakes it gains in terms of comfort, strength and durability.

Sea to SummitSea to Summit Pro Double Hammock review photo 1

Its strength also means it can take two adults, either lying or sitting side by side, or it can be used as a solo sleeping system. Highly portable, it packs down incredibly small, making it a versatile piece of kit that you won’t mind carrying around with you, regardless of what your planned adventure looks like.

Our quick take

An impressively packable and relatively comfortable lightweight hammock for use in a variety of settings. Serious hammock campers will want to acquire the additional accessories to create the comprehensive system, but for kicking back in the summer sun, the Pro Double is a nice option.

Sea to Summit Pro Double Hammock review: because two's company

Sea to Summit Pro Double Hammock

4.0 stars
  • Lightweight
  • Packs down extremely small
  • Straightforward set-up
  • Less comfortable than many heavier hammocks
  • Compatible accessories sold separately


In the Loop

A quick look at what you can expect from the Pro Double Hammock:

  • Lightweight, breathable and durable ripstop nylon fabric
  • 2 x 3-metre suspension straps with plated steel buckles
  • Triple bar tacked webbing loop at either end of the main body
  • Compressible high tenacity nylon stuff sack
  • Weighs just 670g yet can hold a capacity of 180kg – suitable for two adults
  • Dimensions: 3.0 x 1.9 metres
  • Compatible tarp, bug net and tree guards sold separately


The Pro Double is woven from strong yet breathable ripstop nylon, with plated steel buckles on either end, which connect into the buckles on the suspension straps to create a simple but effective sleeping and relaxing system. 

Sea to SummitSea to Summit Pro Double Hammock review photo 6

It’s worth noting that the compatibility between the hammock and its straps is exclusive to Sea to Summit products, so you won’t be able to use the Pro Double with other brand’s straps.

Once rested, the Pro Double packs down into a high-tenacity Cordura nylon stuff sack, with straps that allow you to compress the whole thing down into a tiny unit.

On its own, the Pro Double is a very affordable package and will suffice for most recreational use in decent weather. However, once you start eyeing up, say, a lochside camp in the Scottish Highlands, the pesky midges rule this right out. Also, once the Atlantic sends a low-pressure system in to ruin your August trip to the Cornish coast, you’ll wish you had a tarp. And, once you decide to set your hammock up in the forest, you’ll want tree protectors in order to leave no trace.

Sea to SummitSea to Summit Pro Double Hammock review photo 7

Fortunately, there are compatible bug nets, tarps and tree protectors. Unfortunately, Sea to Summit sell these separately, which brings the cost of a comprehensive hammock system up substantially. Having said that, the investment is in line with similar all-inclusive systems so, if you’re a serious camper, it may be worth the extra spend. 


Its weight and portability mean that you can pretty much set it up anywhere you find two appropriate anchors spaced around 4 to 5 metres apart. Because of these simple qualities, you’ll likely find yourself packing the Pro Double for all your warm weather adventures, as opportunities to put it to use are so frequent.

Set-up is a doddle and takes mere minutes. Loop the suspension strap around the chosen anchor at a height of around 2 metres, before feeding its tail through the buckle, and you’re ready to clip it onto the hammock fabric. 

Sea to SummitSea to Summit Pro Double Hammock review photo 2

To finish the job, all that’s needed is to do the same at the opposite anchor and adjust by either pulling or tightening the buckles. We found it all rather quick and intuitive, meaning we were kicking back in no time.

For such a lightweight hammock, we found that the Pro Double was very comfortable once we found the optimum diagonal position. It feels relatively flat and nicely spacious, though many heavier, higher-end hammocks are admittedly more comfortable. 

We wouldn’t recommend sleeping two people lying down, but for a horizontal afternoon chill with a partner or friend, it’s perfectly cosy without being claustrophobic. It’s also a great place to sit sideways, grab a drink and enjoy the scenery.

Sea to SummitSea to Summit Pro Double Hammock review photo 5

It might sound trivial, but the stuff sack is impressive too. Out of the box, the Pro Double is already a nice little package, yet when it came to packing it away after use, it was surprising how much you can compress its contents using the stuff sack’s three side straps. 

We managed to tighten it down to about a hand’s length, making it a package that is small enough to slot into a backpack without taking up much space at all.


To recap

Easy to set up, comfortable and roomy enough for two, the Pro Double Hammock is a great lightweight option for a basecamp hangouts or for back to basics camping trips. Achieving the full weather and bug-proof package takes a bit of extra spend on accessories, but it’s still no more expensive than rival comprehensive hammock set-ups.

Writing by Alex Foxfield. Editing by Leon Poultney.