Wild camping with Land Rover’s rugged new roof tent: the height of outdoor luxury?

Land Rover now offers a state-of-the-art roof Autohome tent for its latest Defender 110. Simply add the Expedition Roof Rack and Roof Rails and away you go. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
We were handed the keys to a to a Land Rover Defender Hard Top 110, complete with roof tent, and headed for a freezing Dartmoor. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
The lack of minor roads made it very difficult to find a good (and legal) spot to park up and test the roof tent’s capabilities. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Thankfully, we discovered a local farm offering wild camping pitches for a nominal fee. We went one step further and explored the land for solitude. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Operating the Autohome/Land rover roof tent is about as simple as things come. You merely release a plastic latch and push the top of the box upward. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
The mattress sits in the base of the fibreglass shell, so there’s no need to worry there, while a small LED bar provides some lighting. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
Everything feels extremely well built and there is tough, waterproof fabrics for the exterior, with a mesh interior that can be unzipped and opened up. (image credit: The Gear Loop)
When it came time to pack away, it was merely a case of reaching for the handle and pulling the lid of the shell closed. Onward to the next adventure. (image credit: The Gear Loop)