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(The Gear Loop) - You may have mixed thoughts on the robustness of an inflatable tent, but Icelandic outdoors brand 66ºNorth and tent specialist Heimplanet are here to change all that.

The pair teamed up to design and execute a state-of- the-art, four-season inflatable tent that’s both robust and choc full of technical innovation.


Dubbed The Cave Tent, this new pump-up sleeping quarters was developed to handle all seasons in Iceland’s most unforgiving wilderness. Strength is key, so the team penned a geodesic dome construction with ten crossing points and high quality weatherproof, durable materials that hold up against wind, snow and rain.

According to its maker, the bright orange colour is inspired by safety shelters in the Icelandic highlands and designed to stand out against Iceland's terrain.

The Cave Tent requires a pump to inflate the structure, but it can be pitched in under a minute and  will then comfortably sleep three to four people and house their kit. In conjunction with 66ºNorth, Heimplanet increased the size and ensured it had true 4-Season capabilities. It's a true winter tent.

The Cave XL 4-Season Tent will be available on March 17th, 2022 on and, costing £825/€985 and £30- £50 / €36 - €60 for the pump.

Writing by Leon Poultney.