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(The Gear Loop) - Helinox has hit back with another piece of clever, super lightweight furniture that is designed to be a comforting companion on long trekking trips.

The Chair Zero High-Back weighs a mere 1lb 8oz (under a kilogram) and packs down into a carry bag that’s no more than 16 inches long (around 40.5cm). That’s the perfect size to slip inside the side pocket of a trekking backpack.


HelinoxHelinox introduces the Chair Zero High-Back photo 1

Basded on the popular Chair Zero design, the latest configuration sees a taller, sturdier back for neck and shoulder comfort, while the same simple set-up and and size-defying strength that’s found in all Helinox products still exists here. It’s just smaller, easier to cart around, yet offers that little extra element of campfire comfort.

According to Helinox, every aspect of the new Chair Zero High-Back is engineered for lightness, durability, strength and comfort. The frame is made from 7000 series aluminium made from DAC’s proprietary TH72M alloy, which is prized for its incredible and unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and depended on by the world’s top tent makers. 

HelinoxHelinox introduces the Chair Zero High-Back photo 7

Each pole used in the chair frame is anodised for extra strength, and engineered and designed for its intended purpose - to support the full weight of sitting (up to 265lbs or 120kg). Helinox is the only company to use DAC alloy for outdoor furniture and accessories. 

Ultra-tough 100D polyester is used for the seat fabrics, while Aramid – a military-grade fibre known for its exceptional strength – is also woven in to create a light, durable ripstop fabric that stands up to sun, grime, granite, and years of sitting. 

HelinoxHelinox introduces the Chair Zero High-Back photo 12

Perfect for back-packing adventures, bike-packing missions and any kid of foray into the wideners, the latest High-Back model adds an extra dollop of comfort to any trip into nature. 


Writing by Leon Poultney.