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(The Gear Loop) - Helinox has teamed up skate and surf brand RVCA to create a bespoke range of lightweight and portable camping furniture that features artwork from RVCA’s growing Artist Network Program (ANP) - a group of people who are pushing the boundaries of creativity and are dedicated to sharing their life, thoughts, emotions and soul through innovative ideas. 

The premium outdoor lifestyle furniture features durable textiles that highlight the works of RVCA ANP artists Ben Horton and Kelsey Brookes. Items include the Helinox High Cot One, which is lightweight and packable but keeps users off the cold, hard ground.


HelinoxHelinox and RVCA collection photo 1

There’s also an equally lightweight Table One Hardtop and Chair One, which is legendary in camping and backpacking circles for its featherweight construction, comfort and ease of use.

The artwork is distinct and individual in its own right, with Kelsey Brookes - a former scientist who uses his background in biological and empirical methodology to create a new genre of art - features prints from a recent exhibit titled... are you ready for this? "Popular Psychedelic Molecules, Rendered With Atomic Precision, Using Indian Tapestries."

HelinoxHelinox and RVCA collection photo 4

According to RVCA, Indian tapestries were cut up and sewn back together to bring focus to the location of atoms within the psychoactive molecules.

Ben Horton’s work is very different, tasking inspiration form the natural world, although he rose to fame by creating graphics for skateboards decks.

HelinoxHelinox and RVCA collection photo 3

The entire collection can be found on this link.

Writing by Leon Poultney.