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(The Gear Loop) - Hyundai might not be a name synonymous with camping, camper vans or any sort of leisure vehicle for that matter, but the Korean marque has just taken the wraps off an exquisite camper based on its fantastically space-age STARIA Lounge Prestige MPV.

Unfortunately, it’s only going to be sold in Korea, where both multi-seat MPV and commercial vehicle versions of the large and futuristic STARIA are available.


HyundaiHyundai STARIA Lounge Camper photo 2

However, the Lounge Camper is an outdoorsy variant of the STARIA Lounge Prestige package that is specially outfitted for camping and weekend getaways. It is available in two types: a semi-type camper with 11 seats and a deluxe camper with four seats. 

Unique additions to the latter model include an electrically-operated pop-up roof, which instantly increases roominess inside and provides ample space for two people to sleep in.

HyundaiHyundai STARIA Lounge Camper photo 4

Plus, there’s an awning that extends from the side to create an outdoor living space and the two interior rows of electrically adjustable full-flat seats make it possible to create a comfortable sleeping space with the provided built-in mattress.

The four-seater Camper improves usability with a 12.1-inch foldable integrated controller and monitor, a sliding rear table, an external power supply, an onboard 70-litre tank of fresh water and a built-in refrigerator and sink. It’s a proper camper set-up.

HyundaiHyundai STARIA Lounge Camper photo 5

Cleverly, Hyundai has also ensured that is has a lower overall height than many of its camper competitors (2,095 mm), meaning it is possible to drive the sleek machine into most underground car parks with a typical height restriction of 2.1m.

Again, and to boringly reiterate, this is currently only slated for the Korean market, probably because it comes fitted with a 3.5-litre petrol engine that would cost a fortune to run over here, but we can but dream, eh?

Writing by Leon Poultney.