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(The Gear Loop) - Summer is almost upon us and with it comes with the promise of glorious days spent enjoying the Great Outdoors. Whether you're kitting out the campervan, planning camping trips with your friends or pitching the family shelter in the garden just to give your kids a flavour of life in a tent, off-grid adventures are fiirmly on the cards.

Foregoing some home comforts is part and parcel of the camping experience but, let's be honest here, we camp to get closer to nature, not to suffer.


Innovations that make off-grid life more enjoyable are always welcome, whether it's a speedier stove, portable power station to charge devices or tech that regulates temperatures in the tent or camper van. Enter, EcoFlow.

EcoFlowEcoFlow Wave photo 2

EcoFlow is on a mission to revolutionise the outdoor living experience. At the Gear Loop, we’ve already been thoroughly impressed with the EcoFlow RIVER, the only portable power station you’ll ever need with a comprehensive set of features and charging options. With the ability to juice up to ten devices at once, it's ideal for family camping trips or lengthy #vanlife adventures.

This month, EcoFlow unveils its latest creation, the EcoFlow Wave, a portable air conditioner with powerful cooling performance and an eight-hour runtime. Is this the device to make those stuffy, sleepless nights a thing of the past?

In the Loop

A quick look at what you can expect from the EcoFlow Wave:

  • 4,000 BTU cooling performance, the best among battery-powered portable air conditioners
  • Multiple charging options: wall socket, portable power station, car charging and solar panel
  • Smart Battery Allocation: you can set your expected running time (up to eight hours) via the EcoFlow App or the timer button on the unit
  • Weighs just 17.5kg (just under 40lb)
  • Automatic water drain function frees user from frequent maintenance

Taking charge

The EcoFlow Wave Portable Air Conditioner is a real game-changer in terms of portable cooling, boasting industry leading cooling speeds, excellent portability, multiple charging options and an impressive run time.

EcoFlowEcoFlow Wave photo 4

No rivals have yet managed to balance these competing facets before, which makes the EcoFlow Wave a truly unique product and an ideal companion for hot weather camping adventures.

It can be charged from a wall socket. As well as this, you can charge it directly via solar panels or use EcoFlow's portable power stations, especially the EcoFlow DELTA Pro or DELTA Max, where it will enjoy a 28 per cent greater run time than when using other brand's portable power stations with the same capacities. Alternatively, plug it into a car or van's 12V lighter socket to charge on the go.

It's an intelligent little unit, too. You can set your expected run time (up to 8 hours) using the EcoFlow App - or the timer button on the unit - and the EcoFlow Wave will automatically calculate the optimum running status to balance its cooling output with the time you require it to be on by alternating between cooling and fan settings. This also means that if you're excited to head out on a hike or for a wild swim and forget to turn it off, the unit will power itself down at the end of your specified run time, wasting less energy.

EcoFlowEcoFlow Wave photo 1

One cool customer

The EcoFlow Wave is seriously quick at lowering the temperature in a given space. It takes just eight minutes to drop ambient temps of an 86ft² (8 m²) space from 30°C to 24°C (84℉ to 75℉). This could mean the difference between a very hot and sweaty night, and a more comfortable sleep.

The unit boasts an impressive cooling rating of 4,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit – the amount of energy that's required to increase the temperature of a pound of water by 1°F). This may not mean a lot, unless you're an expert in thermal dynamics, so let's place this in context:

EcoFlowEcoFlow Wave photo 3

By comparison, 4,000 BTU offers the same cooling performance as a quality wall-mounted air conditioner in any space under eight square metres. So, unless you're thinking of keeping something like a wedding marquee chilled, that’s pretty much any tent you’d care to pitch covered, as well as any camper van too.

Convenience for outdoor adventurers

Weighing in at 17.5kg (just under 40 lb) and with an attachable battery pack that tips the scales at 7.5kg (16.5 lb), it's fair to say this isn't a unit you'll see wild campers lugging up a mountain. However, for car-camping families and those hitting the road in a camper van, it’s a perfectly portable option.

In addition to this, it's a breeze (excuse the pun) to use, requiring minimal setup, with app compatibility and an LCD screen to assist. This makes for less time faffing and more time spent enjoying nature.

EcoFlowEcoFlow Wave photo 6

The EcoFlow Wave automatically manages the water it collects during the cooling process, transporting it to a heat tube where it evaporates (when air humidity is lower than 70 per cent). Unlike some air conditioning units, there’s minimal need for you to get involved with draining water away, unless you are about to move it or store it, making the EcoFlow Wave one of the most user-friendly units out there.

EcoFlow’s industry leading ecosystem

With the EcoFlow Wave  Portable Air Conditioner, innovative portable power stations and solar panels, EcoFlow's ecosystem is leading the way in portable tech for enjoyable camping trips, removing previous limits on what is possible in terms of comfort and convenience. The Wave is a seriously impressive piece of kit that will be music to the ears of many a summer camper.