Citroën transforms its diminutive Ami into a full-fat adventure buggy

Citroen has dropped the silk sheet on its latest concept car: a beefed-up version of the diminutive electric Ami. (image credit: Citroën)
Designers took inspiration from furniture and lighting, as well as high fashion items and camping accessories. (image credit: Citroën)
The exterior has bene shrouded in bull-bars, black contrasting trim and protective headlight grilles, as if it was about to tackle the Dakar Rally. (image credit: Citroën)
Chunky tyres, wheel arch extensions and a safari-style roof rack add to its adventurous look. A full width light-bar at the front is the icing on the cake. (image credit: Citroën)
The regular Ami doors have been removed and replaced by transparent rainproof panels for use in bad weather - a nod to the famous Citroën Méhari. (image credit: Citroën)
The My Ami Buggy Concept still only packs a 5.5kWh battery and an 8bhp e-motor. This sees a top speed of 28mph and a 43-mile range on the road. (image credit: Citroën)
Attention has been lavished on storage areas and highly flexible luggage options, some of which can be removed and worn by the driver or passenger. (image credit: Citroën)