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(The Gear Loop) - Segway Powersports has announced The Villain - its latest high-performance all-terrain side-by-side leisure vehicle (SSV).

With the high octane performance of an off-road motorcycle, the terrain-conquering abilities of a quad bike and the protective elements of a dune buggy, The Villain is designed to traverse trails and smash sand dunes at high speed.


Although SSVs are more commonplace in the United States, Australia and the UAE, where there is an abundance of wide open space for tearing around in, the vehicles are still relatively new to the UK but are quickly catching on.

The fact that Segway’s Villain is fully road legal makes it an even more enticing prospect, opening up the possibility of using dedicated 4x4 tracks and green lanes dotted around this fair island - or loading it up for an off-road camping trip like no other.

The Villain packs a 1000cc, twin-cylinder, four-stroke engine, delivering a maximum power of 105hp and 93.5Nm of torque, but more importantly, it also features dual A-arm, front suspension with 400mm wheel travel, and rear suspension with 450mm wheel travel.

This allows it to tackle some serious ground at serious speed, while an adjustable seat, inclinable steering wheel and electronically adjustable steering settings make dialling in the correct settings simple.

Inside, there’s even a large LCD dashboard with a huge touchscreen display that plays nicely with a Segway Powersports App, which allows users to access real-time data from their vehicle through the Smart Commanding System (SCS), including service reminders, fuel levels, anti-theft tracking and remote unusual movement warnings. It can even send an SOS warning to an emergency contact in the event of an accident.

With prices starting at £17,999, it’s certainly not a cheap way to get your kicks, but it looks like a great way to be stupid in nature. Find out more here.

Writing by Leon Poultney.