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(The Gear Loop) - You may have noticed that there has been somewhat of an explosion in the popularity of new and exciting outdoor pursuits recently. Perhaps your neighbour has suddenly shown an interest in stand up paddleboarding, or your best friend is regularly entertaining the room with tales of bikepacking adventures.

If anything, it feels like we have collectively started to both notice and appreciate nature that little bit more, with an increasing number of us choosing to spend our free time enjoying the ocean or getting away from the confines of a home office by exploring a local climb with friends or family. Whatever your chosen outdoors serotonin solution, we've got you covered.


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The Gear Loop is here to bring you the freshest news, the most honest reviews, informative guides and inspirational travel features that cover everything from sea to summit. That's right, we will be focusing on a mixed bag of fun stuff, from trail running to kayaking and hiking to via ferrata. The latter involves exploring mountains by clipping yourself to a steel cable and admittedly it won't be a regular feature, but it's the kind of thing we want you to add to your bucket list … or at least tell a friend about next time you meet for coffee.

So whether you are here to research the best tents for camping throughout the winter months (hats off to you), or simply want to read an expert opinion on the latest Garmin smartwatch, we have assembled a dedicated team of writers that, collectively, have over 100 years of experience out in the field.

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We are privileged to have a team that includes former pro snowboard instructors, competitive cyclists, back-to-back marathon runners, accomplished climbers and watersports fanatics. We've even got a writer who hiked across the country with a newborn in tow. What they don't know about enjoying the outdoors and the latest products to do that with isn't worth knowing.

With that in mind, we're glad to have you here and really hope you enjoy exploring the new site. Although, we can't be held responsible if anyone feels the sudden urge to buy some new boots and hike up Ben Nevis.

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